I have been writing haiku since 1984.
Published in Japan in Moinichi’s Haiku in English (The Mainichi Haiku Contest 2010 : 3rd prize for Haiku in English, November 2010) ; Moinichi’s Annual Haiku Selection 2010 ; as well as Moinichi’s “Haiku in English Tsunami Special” (2012).
In Canada my haiku were published in “The Grammateion : the St. Michael’s College journal of the arts” (2012).


Desperate days –
among twisted rubble
cherry white blossoms


To your swift heart beat
the whole universe spins webs
of love and tender


Fall sneaked upon me…
phantasmagorias of leaves
in spirals of wind


Water shimmering
brings a herbal tea promise
your body fragrant


White crane’s flight and its
great wings every flap makes me
follow you South my love


Walking bent forward
I’m holding to my old hat
spinning on the wind


Revisiting hell
reflection of cold iron gates
through your loving eyes



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