DH Canada : The Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH)

About the CDH

CDH Mission Statement

A Faculty of Arts Research Centre since 2012, the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) engages in collaborative research at the critical intersection of the material and the digital, contributing to scholarly and societal knowledge about cultural objects, makers, and users. Through the iterative process of designing online environments for the preservation, visualization, and analysis of cultural texts and histories, CDH projects self-reflexively investigate the ways in which digital mediation fosters new ways of critical thinking and knowledge production. The CDH focuses on the interpretive and argumentative elements of electronic scholarship through experimental research and critical creativity in the following key areas:

1) Augmented Online Editions and Critical Curation;

2) Interactive Archives and Community-Based Knowledge Production;

3) Digital Lives and Histories; and

4) Data Visualization and Analysis.

The CDH sustains a synergy between research and teaching by involving students in digital projects in the classroom and by training future researchers in digital humanities theory and practice in our projects. We are committed to public engagement through open access electronic publishing and interactive processes rooted in innovative knowledge mobilization in a global community. The CDH welcomes Ryerson-based proposals for interdisciplinary projects in the digital humanities and is able to provide limited assistance in project development and training.

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