Relationship between Form and Concept (Digital Humanities)

Telling your own Research story : E-Book mobilization/utilization (?)
What tools are available?
What platforms to use?
1. Interactive narrative:
a. Instagram
b. Storybase
c. Explory
d. Twine
e. Timeline
2. E-Books:
a. Ibooks (Apple-Store type platform) ; IBooks Author is a new tool that could be used to create your narrative for Apple platform – limited to Apple/Mac devices. You can .pdf it or transfer to text in order to Explore it outside of E-Book format.

Formats – most of platform have specific formats – but they also are trained to read other formats (.iba, .epub, .azw, .mobi), but there are exceptions for ex. Kindle would not read .epub – so be aware of limitations.
If you want to create .epub file – save your work in .pdf format and use open source softwares like Sigil or Jutoh
Another tool is Scalar – for heavy content (pictures, videos) projects, fiction books and albums – it is very intuitive and robust tool but its download is not free and takes lots of space at your database.
Calibre is an open source flexible format software that could be used to export/digitize files.




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